• Wisata Bukit Mas

    The Residence that Brings
    European Glamorous In Surabaya

    Feel the luxurious atmosphere where you can enjoy the beautiful views
    that bring you the European Glamorous Residence in west Surabaya.

Wisata Bukit Mas

Building Homes Not Houses

It takes hands to build house, but only heart can build a home. We provide a place where you can build your dreams and create great memories with your family.

Our Facilities

Colosseum Club House

Colosseum Club House

Salah satu Club House WISATA BUKIT MAS yang telah beroperasi hingga kini. Anda dapat bersantai bersama keluarga di sport...

Notredame Adventure Park

Notredame Adventure Park

Spend your every single day just like a holiday. Bayangkan Anda bisa menikmati liburan setiap hari hanya dengan selangkah...

International School

International School

Pendidikan buah hati Anda adalah yang paling utama bagi masa depannya, di kawasan WISATA BUKIT MAS hadir juga Surabaya...



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latest news

Open House Wisata Bukit Mas

14 Sep 2021

Yes we’re OPEN !!

Every Weekend from 08.30 until 17.30

( by appointment 0813 8999 0780 )


Follow @wisatabukitmas for more information and find your future dream home here ....



Located in central business district West Surabaya

5 minutes from

  • Petra Christian School and National Hospital
  • 5 minutes from

  • Supermall & Pakuwon Trade Center
  • Lenmarc Mall
  • The Spazio
  • The Loop
  • Ranch market
  • 5 minutes from

  • International Golf Range
  • 10 minutes from

  • Darmo Satelit Toll Road
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