About Us

The Residence that Brings Eropean Glamorous In Surabaya

Feel the luxurious atmosphere where you can enjoy the beautiful views that brings you the Eropean Glamorous Residence in west Surabaya.


Our Dreams

Building Homes Not Houses

It takes hands to build house, but only heart can build a home. We provide a place where you can build your dreams and create great memories with your family.

Our Design

Enchanted Ambience Meets Modern Lifestyle

We create a perfect harmony in vibrant surroundings.Each details and every elements arestrategically well-planned by experts and passionate teams. We provide amazing living spaces for you and your familyto give them a better life and future.


Our Footprint

Project Footprint

WISATA BUKIT MAS is a premium product with middle – high end market presented by Sinar Mas Land. WISATA BUKIT MAS has more than 100 Ha land bank, located in the heart of West Surabaya Central Business District. We give you an easy access to education center, Department Store, Food Court and Business Center in West Surabaya.

Sinar Mas Land Footprint

The rich experiences in many integrated property developments established Sinar Mas Land as the trustworthy and leading property development in South East Asia with global presence.
For over 22 years of proven track in array of awards and more than 70 developed projects Sinar Mas Land is proven to be trusted in building the future. With over 10,000 Ha land bank, Sinar Mas Land is currently acclaimed as the largest and most diversified property development grup in Indonesia.
Supported by strong management team, Sinar Mas Land is wess known as the most successful city developer (through BSD city development), the pioneer in developing concept - clustered residential (Kota Wisata, Grand Wisata, Wisata Bukit Mas, etc) and also pioneer for innovative and most successful trade center (ITC) developer in Indonesia.